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Mosaics [GALLERY »]

Mosaics are one of the oldest known ornamental techniques in architecture. It is from mosaics that stained glass developed. Images and ornamental compositions are put together from small stone or ceramic pieces (known as tessers) and were known in Antiquity. Like in classic stained glass the way in which mosaics are created has not changed since the oldest times. Like thousands of years ago stone tessers are cut using hammers and chisels while glass and ceramic ones with special pliers. For mosaics venetian smalta is used, multicolored glass mass made on venetian island of Murano.
Our mosaics can found mainly in churches, for example in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski in the church floor, in one of the Warsaw churches (where it is used to depict the crest of cardinal Stanisław Wyszyński) or in Ełk - where they adorn an original baptismal font in teh shape of a small pool.